The cost of purchasing my pictures

I had an epiphany recently after having a discussion with my wife about selling artwork. I realized that I was not practicing what I preach and was being a complete hypocrite. I had been seduced and negatively influenced by the "gallery scene," and was overcharging for my pictures. 

I have always believed that original artwork should be available to most people, not just the wealthy. I feel a vague sense of sadness anytime I enter someone's home and see a cheap reproduction of a "masterpiece" from the Renaissance, or Van Gogh, or Picasso, or Kandinsky (etc.) on the wall. But I understand why people do that: because most original artwork is priced beyond their means. Even art made by local artists who are not famous, do not have much of a following (if any), and are certainly not part of the elitist international art scene. 

I don't believe this should be the case, so I have vowed to price all of my pictures as affordably as possible (generally around $100 for the larger ones, and considerably less for the smaller ones). I never set out to be rich or famous by making art; I do it because I have to, because I don't know how to live without doing it. It's a disease, an obsession, and absolutely not a profession.  It's a lifelong endeavor, not a career. I make art because I get deep emotional satisfaction out of it, and it's one of the few things I find worthwhile spending my time on.

Therefore, if you have ever been interested in a picture I have made but were afraid to ask the price, don't be! I guarantee I will do whatever I can to get that picture into your hands.